Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Slow TV is More Than a Webcam - #2

Outside Broadcast Gallery - NRK Monsen Minutt for Minutt
Image Credit NRK
This is a better view of the custom Outside Broadcast Gallery, as featured in this Summer's NRK Slow TV season with Lars Monsen.

You can clearly see the different camera angles with the set up on both back-packs, aerials, minus the sun screens. (See the other view here).  

Innovation, pushing yourself, overcoming challenges. 

I am aware that I may be disregarding times when Slow TV can be a single camera angle or a webcam, so I am reflecting on how I show that here.

But bear in mind Norwegian Slow TV didn't get established and make Slow TV 'a thing' without lots of thought and production quality.

Credit to NRK for the image.

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