Saturday, 20 October 2018

Slow TV is More Than a Webcam - #1

Boldly going where TV hasn't gone before - 
it's an Outside Broadcast Gallery, but not as we know it
Image Credit NRK
If I asked you to picture an outside broadcast gallery for allowing the curation of the best images and sound, and allowing them to be transmitted into the required media channel, you would probably picture a big truck with a long desk with faders, buttons, screens and lots of production crew standing or sliding around on rolling chairs.

This here is the outside broadcast gallery with two backpacks for four weeks of Slow TV with Lars Monsen walking out in various Norwegian wildernesses. Especially designed and constructed for the project (and I am confident  will show up for future projects).

The backpack with the canopy contains the multiple video streams from different cameras allowing the producer (who often walks much closer behind) to select the image to transmit. There is also the frame with aerials to transmit signals among the crew and relate the broadcast signal to triangulation transmitters on mountain tops nearby to get the images to the national TV network.

The gallery backpack and producer's backpack also have vents to help keep the electronics cool and drip-pipes to allow for any condensation to exit.

Norwegian Slow TV has required innovation to make it happen. We'll see much more of this backpack and ensemble in future posts.

Credit to NRK for the image.

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