Tuesday, 9 May 2017

CBS Sunday Morning on Slow TV

It's very pleasing to see CBS Sunday Morning's piece on Slow TV go out last weekend, just after Norway's most recent mammoth Slow TV project finished earlier last week. I spoke with a producer at CBS last October as they began planning this segment on Norwegian Slow TV.

The feature piece is available to watch here (opens in a new browser tab). *

If you'd like to see even more about Slow TV I had the good fortune to interview the two producers and academic featured in that CBS piece in a documentary I made in 2014 / 2015, which birthed this Slow TV Blog.

The documentary - "That Damned Cow - Just What is Norwegian Slow TV?" is available to watch on Facebook Video.

There's an independent Slow TV Fans Facebook page, where I'll be doing a Facebook Live questions and answers for any that have them. This will be on Wednesday 10th May, 8pm British Summer Time, 9pm Central European Time, 3pm Eastern US, Noon Western US. That's the best fit to cover as many available time slots as possible!

Any questions in advance, see the currently pinned post there (which will change once we're past the live date), and pop the question there. I'll see what I can do to help and explore answers.

Are you brand new to Slow TV? See this piece on The Slow TV Blog and in particular points 4, 8, 9 and 10!

*I had sought to use the embed code from CBS but it conflicts with blogspot scripts and does not display and function well.

Slow Television - The Slow TV Blog

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