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10 Things to Do after Reinflytting - Reindeer Migration Slow TV

Courtesy NRK - and thankyou, too.
So what now? It's over.

Here are 10 things to do with your life now Reinflytting Minutt for Minutt Slow TV - The Reindeer Migration has finished.

1) Watch the end of Monty Python and The Holy Grail to get a bit more of that disappointment out of your system. About sums it up.

2) Watch the end of Wayne's World to fantasise about the possible endings for Reinflytting Minutt for Minutt. Except the villain in this case is the pesky weather. Or that everyone finishes holding hands on Kvaløya on a glorious sunny day with "I'd Like to to teach the world to sing", or should that be, "I'd like to teach the world to yoik".

Imagine the reindeer-swimming ending? The reindeer using the bridge but not getting so savvy they don't use it to get back ending? The barge ending?

3) If you can't imagine the swimming ending, watch this marvellous BBC Earth footage of reindeer swimming:

4) Explore and watch the recorded entirety of Reinflytting Minutt for Minutt via NRK's official platform, no geo-blocking there.

5) Get exploring the vast wealth of Sami music on the curated playlists from NRK, see Spotify (direct link) or NRK page.

6) Play this beautiful, soothing, epic long-form piece of Sami music from Nils-Aslak Valkeapää which is one of my highlights of the week. Over 30 minutes of ambient style but very authentically Sami music. Works for me on many levels and, perfectly embraces many of the criteria of Slow TV and bridges and blurs most beautifully the boundaries between Slow TV and Ambient TV. What a trip!


7) Understand that even with near three years of pre-production, aberrant weather will skew even the best laid plans. This was a massive production, the weather's turns and knock-on effects on reindeer grazing can not be outwitted. Health and safety of the animals (and of people) is paramount. More from Aftenposten HERE and from NRK HERE about reasons and problems which affected the broadcast. Hat's off guys and gals, this was a week of exceptional TV. Here's to a few learning opportunities along the way!

8) Anticipate the next big Slow TV project. We're overdue a 12 hour production from the USA. I'm increasingly thinking it's off the cards but knowing that a big amount of pre-production went into it, I'm hoping it's just on pause.

One to expect, maybe from next year onwards, is a live Slow TV rock climb of the 1km sheer Troll Wall (Trollveggen) which has been in pre-production for several years. Really have got to get the health and safety right on that one.
Information based Slow TV in October, a 500 minute lecture on 500 years since Martin Luther's theses, leading to the Protestant Reformation. Here's an interview with a couple of the producers of Norwegian Slow TV:

9) Check out some of the Slow TV (or Slow TV-style, depending on your point of view) streams around the web. If you need to keep it in Norway with wildlife and nature, do see Zooom. Otherwise, I enjoy checking out the tram on the streets of Prague in the Czech Republic. I like that one late at night, with wet streets, lights reflecting and Baroque classical music playing.

10) Explore and keep coming back to The Slow TV Blog! 

Since studying Norwegian Slow TV for my Masters Degree (I made a documentary about Slow TV, see it on Vimeo) I've been approached for interviews in media in the UK and abroad and contacted by people studying Slow TV, from UK AS-Level Media Studies, through to Bachelor of Arts Degrees and Masters.  Here are contact details and an overview of interviews I've given for TV, Radio and Print.

I have interviews, little features, pictures, memes, all sorts. Including Cats and Dogs watching Slow TV.

My life with Slow TV isn't done yet, by far. So if you like Slow TV, keep coming back here, tweeting, instagraming or even join the "Slow TV Fans Facebook Group".

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