Sunday, 23 April 2017

Where can I watch the Reindeer Migration Slow TV?

NRK Logo for the Broadcast, in Sami
For viewers outside Norway, where we can watch this epic Slow TV broadcast is at - nice and easy one!

A countdown is showing, so hopefully that means systems-are-go for Monday afternoon / evening!

See also Slow TV Reindeer Migration Digest No 2

#giđđajohtin is another hashtag to watch out for besides #NRKrein

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  1. It´s confirmed! Monday April 24th at 19:45 (local time/GMT+2) we start Giđđajohtin/Reinflytting on

    Pål Hivand
    Publishing editor/NRK Sápmi

    1. Thanks, Pål; I'm not getting notifications of these comments! We're in British Summer Time (if only!) in the UK for a month now (BST), which is GMT+1.