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Slow TV and Cantus - 'Frozen' Choir - New Album

Cantus performing during the Hymn Book Slow TV, 2015
It turns out there's a very good Norwegian Slow TV link with the animated blockbuster, Frozen.

Before the film was made, the women's choir, Cantus, had a CD out which the producers of Frozen picked up and played as they carried out some of their pre-production around Norway; this helped inform some of the aesthetics of the film and got Cantus the job of singing for the film.

In November 2014, there was a huge Slow TV production in Trondheim - 60 hours of singing the entire Norwegian Hymnbook, cover to cover, with a couple hundred choirs and a few thousand singers rostered in during those days.

I was blessed to be in Trondheim to cover the Salmeboka Minutt for Minutt for my Masters Degree, which majored on Slow TV. An unforgettable few days which I will carry with me for my years on Earth.

The above video features Cantus singing in the first song; the video is made of offcuts which didn't make it into the final edit of my main documentary. All music used with permission.

I was absolutely entranced by the performance of "Mitt hjerte alltid vanker" (audio used in the above video), a spine-tingling advent hymn, unaware of the choir's link to the hugely successful film. It remains one of my two clear favourite musical moments during Salmeboka Minutt for Minutt, the other being the performance by Embla Damene of Grieg's "I Himmelen", which was new for me. Both tunes I find myself humming from time to time. Sometimes bits of music bore deep into your being and lodge there with great meaning and resonance.

Cantus' Northern Lights - New Album
With any luck, I hope to hear Cantus' 'Northern Lights' on Classic FM in the UK before long, and I'm also pre-ordering my copy.

Cantus performed for a few hymns, and all segments of Salmeboka Minutt for Minutt with Cantus can be seen HERE, the first performance just before 29 minutes in, at this link

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More Norwegian Slow TV about to happen within the next few days (April 2017); see the second brief digest of news about a week of Reindeer Migration on The Slow TV Blog.

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