Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Slow TV Reindeer Migration Digest No 5

Courtesy NRK - Sunset on Day Two of NRKrein
Well, things got moving yesterday! I checked back through Tuesday and saw the reindeer calmly (most of the time) being mellow in the snow, foraging, a little bit of rutting, and then almost suddenly (by Slow TV standards) the reindeer were being herded and off we went! Fantastic. Fine example of delayed gratification at work!

These times of 'not much' happening invests greater meaning to ordinary activities - something which Slow TV does well as some may argue that a lot of it is 'boring'.

Slow TV carries with it some innate concepts which mark it out from other forms of TV; let me introduce you to two - 



Tempo Giusto

Sad drama overnight as one of the pregnant cows miscarried. You can see the clip of this right here on the NRK Website. There are further updates from NRK via NRK Sápmi and NRK Natur which act as hubs for a number of links and videos back to the main NRK Website.

The start of the migration was delayed; this was due to conditions in the snow; you can see just how late the snow is in thawing on the Finnmarks Plateau - see the Northern Research Institute's page which has been helping inform the production.

One of the NRKrein production team has been sharing a pictures and short Facebook Live livestreams via his own Facebook Page.

Where are you watching the reindeer migration from? When it was first announced, there was a lot of global media attention (see the list below). For the moment it has gone quiet!

5th April
Norway - NRK (Norwegian)

6th April

Germany - Greenpeace Magazine (German)
France - Sciences et Avenir (French)
Belgium - RTBF (French)
Luxembourg - Le Quotidien - (French)
France - France TV Info (French)

7th April

Luxembourg - Luxemburger Wort (English)
Norway - The Local (English)
United States - Daily News (English)
Singapore - Today Online (English)
Canada - CTV News (English)
Malaysia - Malay Mail Online (English)
Canada - Digital Journal (English)

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Lots more to come about #NRKrein on The Slow TV Blog over the next few weeks!

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