Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Slow TV Reindeer Migration Digest No 4

Courtesy NRK - Northern Lights and Reindeer Migration
Watch the Reindeer Migration Slow TV here: www.nrk.no/rein 

Welcome to the fourth brief round-up of media and links for the NRK Slow TV Reindeer Migration now that it is finally underway! Well, albeit in the same spot for 21 hours.

What has happened so far? Short clip from Instagram:

A couple reflections on wider tangents of the week-long production:

The change in the length of day and shortness of night during the week of broadcast is an amazing thing, testimony to the Earth's wobble as the tilt accelerates the Arctic Circle towards the midnight sun from mid May and the Midsummer Solstice in later June. 

The sun rose around  03:28 this morning in Karasjok, sets 21:07 tonight, rises 03:22 on the 26th. Each day will be around 10 minutes longer, by the time the sun sets about 21:43 on 2nd May - when we anticipate the migration to conclude, the night will be 72 minutes shorter


There are large environmental concerns for reindeer at the moment; one is that the arctic is becoming too (relatively) hot - more here at phys.org

There has also been a case of Chronic Wasting Disease in a reindeer (similar to BSE in cows) further south in Norway, which gives cause for concern. More on The Local 

On Twitter, also see @ReindeerHerding 

On Facebook, The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandy
The Reindeer Centre website

Two links picked up in the press yesterday:
10 Facts about Reindeer Migration Minute by Minute
Barents Observer about the production

The production caravan gumpi-train rides out for broadcast start:
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Lots more to come about #NRKrein on The Slow TV Blog over the next few weeks!

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