Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Speaking about Slow TV at Cafe Albin

One of the good things about being around other people wanting to create is that sometimes interests and opportunities overlap. Invited by fellow MA media student, Krzysztof Augustyn (from animation) I spoke at an event he arranged called Cafe Albin in Manchester to profile the creativity of different people - poetry, drawing, music and animation and documentary. The sustained crescendo of the evening was Krzys performing original music with animation by himself; if you like Pink Floyd, prog rock, you will love the music and animation. When that part of the evening is online, I'll add a link here.

For the moment, here's the clip starting at about 6:40 with some Slow TV style ambient real time sequences (which are inserted into my talk) giving an idea of part of the feel of Slow TV. What it can't communicate is the feel of a national event, connecting to national identity, heritage and culture, participating in real life or online in the buzz which Slow TV can generate.

Slow Television -The Slow TV Blog


  1. Looks to me as though you are doing some really cool work, as usual, I think you have found your niche!