Monday, 27 November 2017

Happy Birthday, Slow TV - Gratulerer med dagen, Sakte TV

Gratulerer med dagen, Sakte TV - NRK 'Bergensbanen'
8 years ago today, Slow TV was born! The 7 hours 14 train journey from Bergen to Oslo was shown by NRK and a new TV format was created.

Quietly disruptive, powerfully ordinary, love it or hate it, Slow TV properly done is a celebration, an experience, a meditation, a documentary.

Yes, there are antecedents and some styles of TV and film which are similar, but this is something new. 

On this day in 2009, "Slow" and "TV" were first deliberately conjoined to describe something happening on a linear TV broadcast - and the ripples (well, waves) continue to be felt around the globe to this day.

So, happy birthday, Slow TV - gratulerer med dagen, Sakte TV. 

Keep it coming. The world needs you!

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