Thursday, 27 April 2017

Reinflytting Minutt for Minutt - like Star Trek?

Courtesy NRK - NRKrein - a bit like Star Trek in its values?
It's been dawning on me this week that Slow TV, in particular this Reindeer Migration shares the qualities of Star Trek's mission statement.

Slow TV, especially the Norwegian produced, frames the whole activity of watching television very differently. We begin treating the screen differently as the way the images are curated differ from almost everything else we ingest via our TV screens.

This is significant.

Yes, there is a curated long-form narrative being given (important in the conceptualisation of Slow TV) but it offers significant periods where we can self-curate what we pay attention to and we can enjoy televisual contemplation, an uncompressed media-narrative.

So the style is different, the behaviour is different, and certainly for this broadcast, we are going on a journey that hasn't been broadcast before. Each time I see that collection of four linked vehicles, I smile. It represents just how different, unique and yes, how pioneering Slow TV can be.

That is significant.

Watch the ongoing mission of NRKrein anywhere in the world via THIS LINK.

Slow Television - The Slow TV Blog

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