Monday, 12 September 2016

Slow Down Radio Show - 8th September 2016

You can listen to last week's Slow Down on RedShift Radio right here, embedded from MixCloud. 

Tune in at 8pm UK time on Thursday via the TuneIn app or via

Coming up on 15th September Show:
- Why did Norway bomb out of the Eurovision Song Contest this Year?
- The Sunday morning sounds of a Cotswolds village
- A themed musical tour through Norwegian Slow TV
- and more!

Playlist for September 8th Show:
  • More talk hour
  1. Tim Prevett - Show Intro
  2. Mike Oldfield - Moonshine
  3. Tim Prevett - Unpacking Slow TV and Slowness
  4. Brent Spiner - It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  5. Tangerine Dream - Charly the Kid
  6. Tim Prevett - Different Levels of Slow TV
  7. Alan Silvestri - Beowulf
  8. Tim Prevett - Where Can I watch Slow TV now? (links below)
  9. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasuredome
  10. Kate Bush - Aerial Tal
  11. Introducing The Wetland Project
  12. The Wetland Project - Evening Frog Chorus
  13. The Wetland Project - Morning Birdsong
  14. Tim Prevett - Oysters Coppice Original Sound Recording
  • More music hour
  1. Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok
  2. Renaissance - Northern Lights
  3. Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted
  4. Bob Douwe - Slow Down
  5. Clannad - Robin (The Hooded Man)
  6. Kari Bremnes - Hurtigrute
  7. Tim Prevett - Quote of the Week
  8. Olafur Arnalds Arnor Dan  - So Far
  9. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
  10. Justin Hayward - Forever Autumn (N Trance Remix)
  11. Madonna - Masterpiece
  12. The Beloved  - Sweet Harmony
  13. Tim Prevett - Coming up Next Week
  14. Abba - Arrival
LINKS for Slow TV broadcasts mentioned

Web Based Live Slow TV Broadcasts from a national Broadcaster
Cow and barn watching from NRK, Norway 

Web Based Live Slow TV Broadcasts
Many channels from the Czech Republic
Birdwatching from Norway

Web Based Prerecorded Slow TV Broadcasts
From Barcelona 

Web Based Prerecorded Slow Broadcasts from a National Broadcaster
Route One from Iceland

From the United Kingdom (Country Bus broadcast)
(available for another 3 weeks in the UK)

Slow Television - The Slow TV Blog

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