Thursday, 25 August 2016

Talking about Slow TV on Health and Healing Radio Show

My RedShift Radio colleague, Chrisoula Sirigou, invited me on to her Health and Healing show in July. I've now been able to pop the show online for listeners to dip into wherever and whenever they like...

Show playlist:

Tim Prevett - Show Introduction
Renaissance - Northern Lights
Tim Prevett - A little more about Slow TV
Karri Bremnes - Hurtigruta
Chrisoula Sirigou and Tim Prevett- What is Slow TV?
Frederick Rousseau - Serenite
Chrisioula Sirigou and Tim Prevett - Why is Slow TV important?
Tim Prevett sound recording - Cotswold Country Window at Frocester
Neil Diamond - Beautiful Noise
Chrisoula Sirigou and Tim Prevett - Further thoughts on Slow TV
Peter Gabriel - Digging in the Dirt

Slow Television - The Slow TV Blog

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