Friday, 8 July 2016

Birdwatching with Norwegian Slow TV on Hornøya

Credit: NRK Natur on Flickr.
There's still just under a week left of "NRK Piip", an epic scale birdwatching Slow TV transmitting Tuesday to Sunday over five weeks, up to and including 14th July.
70,000 birds on Hornøya provide a drama of life, death and birth on an island at the top of mainland Norway right on the Russian border.
15 cameras, several streaming live 24/7, some trained on different species; the choice of those available online are shown HERE.
Credit: NRK Natur on Flickr.
A Flickr page with beautiful stills from the show is HERE. Screened episodes are available anywhere retrospectively HERE, without geo-blocking.
NRK also begins transmission from a Paddle Steamer - The Skibladner, Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th July. More details HERE (post to follow)
If you can't get enough Norwegian Slow TV  Birdwatching, go along to for a choice of four different bird species to follow.

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