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Can we help kick start Slow TV in New Zealand?

A Slow TV day exploring in Whatipu, New Zealand
Slow TV in New Zealand? 

Maybe one could argue a case that Slow TV in New Zealand could be watching all three Hobbit films and the extended director's cut box set of The Lord of the Rings in one sitting for that immersive experience of Middle Earth. Maybe even an extended Haka before the All Blacks demolish their opponents.

Well, there's an opportunity to help start some Slow TV in New Zealand without Hobbitses and nasty stinking orcses. Or odd shaped balls.

Nicholas Dunning, who has a background in different visual media is looking to kickstart a project to produce NZ Slow TV long format videos - mainly needing to fund the storage media and power sources needed to record for so long.

Slow TV fishing from the rocks at Orua, New Zealand
Like many of us, he is inspired by the Norwegian series of Slow TV and how well it captures travelling through Norway. The 'vicarious experience' of Slow TV is one reason that people like it. Nicholas comments,
"I felt that it allowed people to experience a trip like the train trip for those who can't afford to get there or don't have the ability or time.
I live in New Zealand and I feel too lucky sometimes, especially when I am overseas and I hear countless times that people would love to visit New Zealand if they ever had the chance. My aim is to bring New Zealand to these people and allow more people to explore this amazing country.
This project would be able to capture all of my true passions and for this I feel that I can do the project justice.
I've got a few videos planned already which are listed on the kickstarter page, they involve long tramps in the bush, days out in the islands fishing, dawn til dusk mountain, beach and forest scenes and much more.
I'm not doing this to make money, I just want to allow people to experience things in the world that they otherwise wouldn't be able to."
A Slow TV day at Marble Bay, New Zealand
So what's needed to make it happen? According to the Slow TV travelling through New Zealand Kickstarter page,

"$1500 covers the cost of all the gear needed to produce high quality 1080p video with high definition sound. If the project reaches $3500, we will be able to produce the footage in 4k resolution with a better stabilising system and better lenses."

Nicholas adds,
"Part of our funding goes towards a steadicam rig that is built into a backpack that holds all of our equipment except for the camera and lens. This way we can walk for 12 hours through the bush and have seamless, cinematic, flowing footage. We will be using proper audio equipment that will be tucked out of sight and out of the wind."
Locations and subjects currently planned - subject to kickstarter success - are some of the best places that New Zealand has on offer.
Hiking in the woods near Kerikeri Waterfalls, New Zealand
So, if you're from New Zealand and really proud of your country's beauty and want to help show it to the world or if you would like to experience some of the landscapes and ambiences without forking out for long flights, help kickstart Slow TV in New Zealand.

We have until March 10th 2016 to help make this happen.

New to Kickstarter? See their FAQ.

Images in this post courtesy N Dunning.

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