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Go South - Slow TV in New Zealand

Go South - Slow TV in New Zealand
Courtesy Greenstone TV / Prime
Broadcast on 1st January 2019, this 12 hour road-trip is New Zealand's first foray into Slow TV. A 3 hour long edit was broadcast a few weeks later. A 3 DVD of 12 hours at a cost of $35 (NZ) is available at the time of writing by contacting Greenstone TV directly.

"An extraordinary journey. The vast overland route from Auckland to the deep south is a part of our national identity, an iconic piece of Kiwiana. A journey where city and sprawl gently yields to rolling pastures, volcanic extremes, tranquil waterways, the rough Otago high country and the grandeur of the Southern Alps and Milford Sound."

Courtesy of Prime Catch Up

GO SOUTH Promo from Greenstone TV on Vimeo.

A Q&A with Spencer Stoner, Producer of Go South:
"How do you explain Go South to someone who is not familiar with the concept?
Go South is an almost real-time journey from Auckland to Milford Sound, traveling overland. Internationally, there has been a lot of excitement around TV that moves at a slower pace and watches things unfold in real time. This is a New Zealand take on that approach, made with New Zealand audiences in mind. It's this iconic, epic road trip with rail, boats, and a Land Rover that takes you from the big smoke to land's end. No voiceover, no music, just the sound of the rails, water, or road. It's also full of tidbits about the hidden history around us, from the reef that sank the Wahine to Te Kooti's hideouts in the King Country. Think of it as traveling the country tail to tip with your closest friends and family, and that's a good approximation for what watching Go South is like!
How long did the journey take to film?
If you were to take this trip yourself, it would take 40 hours straight (without sleeping). That's similar to the experience you get watching the Go South, but it took our team about two weeks in the field to take the journey. For example, we had to take short days while filming in the Land Rover. They're great to drive, but not designed for a road trip of four grown men plus a ton of camera gear. In the West Coast, the team was having to hop out of the Land Rover every 500 metres to wipe the lenses down from bug strikes. In Fiordland, the team was having to hop out every 500 metres to wipe the lenses down from rain. It was a stunning itinerary, but not exactly the quickest way to get from A to Z
More of this interview, courtesy of Prime TV, on the Prime TV website.

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