Friday, 3 May 2019

Moose Migration - Slow TV in Sweden

The Great Moose Migration - Courtesy SVT
"For several thousand years, the moose have walked the same path to get to the rich pastures of the summer. Follow this year's trek from Kullberg which has now begun."

Sweden has been having its first dedicated Slow TV production the past couple weeks; so successful, that it has been extended to sunset on Sunday May 5th. Watch it HERE - no geoblocking from the broadcaster.

I've not been able to catch as much as I'd like to have caught - lots of other things going on at the moment, techie problems with the PC; a couple Swedish friends have kept me updated a bit and I hope to have some guest posts from them in the days ahead. There's also a Facebook fan group at "Vi som följer den stora älgvandringen!".

Much of the time it is a very high quality broadcaster many angle web-camera-style with excellent audio - but when something particularly interesting happens, the shot lingers, allowing the Slow TV drama to unfold and tell its tale in its own time.

Björn wrote in Slow TV Fans, Thinkers and Film Makers just as the broadcast begun in mid April, 

The Great Moose Migration - Courtesy SVT
"Some sort of Slow TV finally comes to Sweden! "Den stora älgvandringen" ("The great moose migration"). A specific place in the river Ångermanälven seems to be the place where moose always cross on their migration. A setup with 15 remote controlled cameras will follow this process during the period 15th of April to 2nd of May. 

The production has been made with support of the other nordic countries. It will be broadcast live as well as in edited segments. It hasn't been made clear to me, but I assume that the live part will be on the Play channel on the web only, maybe with some live segments during off hours at the ordinary TV channels. Nevertheless it is a nice and interesting experiment."
Courtesy SVT

It has been interesting indeed, and up to the point of posting this, 58 mooses have swum the river on their great migration. Maybe this could be something annual?

More from Slow TV fans and thinkers in Sweden on the Slow TV blog very soon.

Slow Television - The Slow TV Blog

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