Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Hour - Minute by Minute

Courtesy NRK - The Hour - Minute by Minute
Happening tonight from 23:59 local time for 24 hours. Link in the text.

It's all about the time. "Slow TV" for the uninitiated can be something of a misnomer. Slow TV is about TV being in real time. Not about jump cuts, accelerated narratives. Real time.

Time's about to get as real time as it can for Norwegian Slow TV. 24 hours of a life-size digital clock, continuously re-assembled telling the time each minute.

Imagine the cumulative drama as the clock time increments during 21st March and builds through the evening. Compelling temporal narrative. You know how it will go.

For 24 hours, the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK brings this format back to its birthplace - Bergen station - where a team will be kept busy with the clock. You may recall the 7 hour train ride from Bergen to Oslo 

Bergen Station - The Birthplace of Slow TV
You can watch via NRK's linear TV signal inside Norway, or via the livestream and chat at This begins at 23:59 local time on 20th March, concluding 24 hours later on 21st March.

If you thought Slow TV was just a TV show, it can become a portal to a reflection on the very nature of time, an absorbing linear journey or experience, an exercise in being present in the moment.

Thinking about this relatively short Slow TV (a humble 24 hours compared to the record-breaking five day Hurtigruten ferry journey, or the Svalbard Slow TV currently in pre-production) it should provide a very real, experiential and active contemplation of the nature of time and Slow TV.

Slow TV - It's all about real time
It's time to watch the clock. Very literally.

The documentary - "That Damned Cow - Just What is Norwegian Slow TV?" is available to watch in full on Facebook Video now.

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