Thursday, 18 October 2018

Slow TV is More Than a Webcam - Introduction

What if I told you Slow TV is more than a webcam
When you know "Slow TV" by the qualities which established it, it's a frustrating thing to see it understood by so many as a single camera production, and that only.

Simple productions outside Norway offering less than the Norwegian high quality production and projects, give an unevenly weighted perception that anything with a camera on something for a long time is 'Slow TV'. And if you don't like webcams or long single views, then Slow TV must be really boring, really cheap and not require much effort.

Sometimes something very simple and cheap may gain dynamics of Slow TV. But Slow TV, well made, correctly framed in its story (yes, there is a story), has in its production quality something worthy of a major national or international event with the calibre to attract a massive audience. Really, really.

The Norwegians who create the shows which came to be called "Slow TV" require many people to make their productions, multiple cameras, technological innovation and challenges.

When Slow TV is given the proper treatment, it attracts an audience which cares about the subject, it relates a story, has moments of stunning beauty, has times of being mundane, but it can have such a sense of an epic journey which compels (the ferry journey and reindeer migration spring to mind).

I'll be posting many pictures over some indefinite time ahead with a short paragraph to demonstrate that Slow TV is More Than a Webcam #MoreThanAWebcam.

Prepare to adjust your perception accordingly and come down the rabbit hole to a new universe of understanding and appreciation of Slow TV done properly.

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