Friday, 15 June 2018

Grieg Minute by Minute, Opus by Opus

NRK's Grieg Slow TV Logo

Broadcast starts this evening, 15th June, 17:30 CET / 16:30 BST. Official website in English at this link, show page at this link and official Facebook event page here.


The countdown to NRK's Grieg Slow TV has well and truly begun. What will be the celebration of a composer with national resonance, "the soundtrack to Norway", is live on Norwegian TV on June 15th.

"Grieg Minutt for Minutt" translates as "Grieg Minute by Minute" and will be a chronological progression through all of Grieg's 74 opuses. A detailed breakdown of each opus is on the official event website.

If you're thinking "THIS CAN'T BE SLOW TV! IT ISN'T A PRETTY PICTURE!", Slow TV isn't just about a pretty picture. It's about taking the time it takes to show something in its own pace, in full. If that includes a pretty picture, well, that's nice. But it's also about a sense of completeness and allowing the subject to be in its own pace. If that's racing car quick for Formula 1, or snail slow for snail racing, its appropriate for the innate pace of a Slow TV subject.

A translation from reads:

"Grieg minute by minute - this year's big TV event! June 15, 2018, it is 175 years since Edvard Grieg was born. We mark the day with the world's longest Grieg concert, 30 hours live on NRK!

A classical music festival in Bergen! Grieg minute by minute is an outstanding opportunity to experience Grieg's production from opus 1-74, performed by the best of Norwegian music life. Troldhaugen, Edvard Grieg's home, will be open throughout the event and a center for the big crowd party. There are also great events and experiences in Grieghallen, with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, choirs and other musicians. The Broadcasting Orchestra also contributes great music from Store Studio. Perhaps there will be touches from other parts of the country too!

What you now see on the website is just the beginning - a taste bite. The list of artists and Grieg opus numbers is updated continuously.

The program runs from the afternoon of 15 June until midnight 16 June. There will be night concerts in the Grieghallen, 24 hours a day at Troldhaugen and a folk party all summer night. Do you want a night of Peer Gynt in the Grieghallen, have breakfast at Troldhaugen with the wonderful cello sonate or experience the string quartet in the gray light at Nordåsvannet?"

Extensive and developing information on the performers in NRK Grieg is here.

The Full Works Concert indeed... NRK Grieg is announced.

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