Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Advent Candle - Slow TV - Part 1

A Slow TV style broadcast has been happening on my YouTube Channel.

Here's the recording of The Advent Candle, 2nd to 5th December inclusive, in real time. Added incense for dramatic smoke effect!

The next instalment is live at 19:30 GMT 7th December, for 5th December through to 7th inclusive. It takes about 15 minutes to burn through each day, so expected broadcast length is around 30 minutes.

Watch as the flame edges its way down the candle, nibbling its way through the numbers.

Contemplate Advent, Christmas or Yule, the darkening of the year, The Rebirth of The Sun or The Birth of The Son, or all of them, light in the darkness, hope against the odds, all of them or none of them.

Music courtesy Tony Longworth.

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