Wednesday, 1 November 2017

In Memoriam - Frank Aarebrot

Frank Aarebrot - Courtesy Thomas Hellum on Instagram
With today being All Saints' Day, remembering those who have gone before - particularly those who have died in this past year in some traditions, it's fitting to remember Professor Frank Aarebrot with reference to Norwegian Slow TV.

Frank had been the anchor for three marathon information based Slow TV shows, with another scheduled for 31st October 2017 - last night - covering 500 years in 500 minutes since The Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther's posting of the famed theses. Another was on the cards for 2018 for marking 100 years since the end of The Great War.

Here in the inset top picture, Frank Aarebrot - with typical cigarette - is covering the American Election of 2016, as shown on NRK Producer, Thomas Hellum's instagram account.

Earlier in the year I interviewed producersThomas Hellum and Rune M√łklebust about the project which would have been shown last night. You can clearly hear that Frank was passionate about the project.

I was also at some point hoping to elicit a response from Frank Aarebrot on his theories of media with a bearing upon Slow TV, especially with him having been a key participant on occasion. "At some point" needs to change, or else it doesn't happen.

So, as we remember those who have passed away, we are grateful for Frank's contributions in personality and content to Norwegian Slow TV, and mindful of that which is lost, for Slow TV and beyond, with his passing.

Suitable words from Thomas Hellum on Instagram, which translate: 

"Thanks for everything Frank - 
for the tours, conversations, playfulness, your wise head."

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