Saturday, 16 December 2017

BBC Slow TV for Christmas - a Slow Odyssey: Turtle, Eagle, Cheetah

In The Radio Times - it isn't Christmas without one
UPDATE FOR BROADCAST: Wild Wanderings will be shown on BBC4 on Wednesday 27th December at 9pm GMT.

The BBC media centre reports on a new Slow TV offering for Christmas 2017:

"Turtle, Eagle, Cheetah: a Slow Odyssey".

As a very special Christmas treat, BBC Four is taking viewers on a magical and mysterious journey into the natural world - by riding on-board three incredible animals. Unfettered by human camera teams, the audience will be transported deep into these different animal worlds - land and sea and sky.

Using the latest on-board wearable technology, pioneered by leading Scientists and the BBC’s Natural History Unit – Three Cheetah must work together in their search for prey, navigating the Bushveld of Namibia. A green turtle comes face to face with the residents of Indonesia’s most beautiful coral reefs. Whilst a White tailed Sea Eagle soars above the rugged West Coast of Scotland, battling the force of nature.

With embedded graphics giving further insight into the animals’ worlds, their adventures and encounters turns into an immersive and mesmerising experience".

It adds to the wider portfolio of the BBC's Slow TV collection which includes All Aboard! The Bus Journey and All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride.

Also in December, 12 hours Supermarket Slow TV from Finland,  and anticipating a 3 day train journey across Australia.

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First Published on 29th November 2017, updated 16th December 2017.

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