Friday, 7 April 2017

Slow TV Reindeer Migration Digest Number 1

Welcome to The Slow TV Blog's first round-up of news for covering the forthcoming reindeer migration on Norwegian Television. A week long story of the reindeer heading to their summer pastures under the guidance of the Sami reindeer-herders, with many smaller stories.

The cat is well and truly out of the bag, or perhaps better put, the reindeer is out of the corral! These are the news stories over the last few days for this exciting reindeer project. (Well, I've been anticipating it since August 2015... )

5th April
Norway - NRK (Norwegian)

6th April
Germany - Greenpeace Magazine (German)
France - Sciences et Avenir (French)
Belgium - RTBF (French)
Luxembourg - Le Quotidien - (French)
France - France TV Info (French)

7th April
Luxembourg - Luxemburger Wort (English)
Norway - The Local (English)
United States - Daily News (English)
Singapore - Today Online (English)
Canada - CTV News (English)
Malaysia - Malay Mail Online (English)
Canada - Digital Journal (English)

See the Instagram account of Norwegian NRK Producer, Thomas Hellum, for some behind-the-scenes photos.


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