Saturday, 22 April 2017

Slow TV Reindeer Migration Digest No 2

NRK Logo for the Broadcast (Sami version with next update)
Woh there, Santa! Hold the reins, Rudolph! OK, it's a bit like Christmas being delayed. Well it is if you've been looking forward to this week-long reindeer migration Slow TV as much as I have.

The reindeer can't depart just yet as due to the cold Easter (even with it being a very late Easter) the snow is still too thick; it needs to melt more so the reindeer are able to forage along the way and also when they reach their destination. We don't want hungry reindeer!

At the moment, the earliest Reinflytting Minutt for Minutt can start is Monday evening 24th April - so, The Slow TV Blogger will be monitoring for signs of mission-start throughout this weekend. At the moment, it looks like 19:00 Norway time, so 18:00 UK time, 13:00 US East Coast, 10:00 US West Coast. This could change! See the NRK TV Guide.

In order to get a little more in the mood, there is a 12 minute trailer / prologue to the Reindeer Migration Slow TV - right here - and there are some great behind the scenes photos going up on Instagram from

See also here on the NRK website for news.

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