Saturday, 4 March 2017

Hello to Southwest Airlines' Magazine Readers

A big 'Hello' if you're reading The Slow TV Blog as result of reading Southwest Airlines' in-flight magazine, "The Magazine".

The Slow TV Blog was interviewed by Southwest in early January 2017 for a wider piece about Slow TV. If you're new to Slow TV, have a look around the blog, feel free to leave a comment, get in touch, ask questions.

Let me know where you've read about Slow TV on your journeys; Southwest services 101 destinations all over the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Central America, Mexico, The Caribbean and Cuba with over 3800 flights daily. I'll be interested to know your thoughts and feelings about Slow TV.

I have an extensive ongoing background in researching Slow TV, so if you want to interact with ideas around Slow TV, please say "hi!"and obviously, a little bit more.  You can email me here.

Have a good flight!

Tim Prevett (The Slow TV Blogger)

Slow Television - The Slow TV Blog

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