Thursday, 10 November 2016

Minecraft Slow TV - Slow TV for Kids

Henrietta Myrland on Twitter #HeleNorgeBygger
Obvious things for Slow TV and gaming are the walk-throughs and livestreamed game-plays which dominate YouTube, expecially for a younger demographic. It's likely that you have walked in on children immersed in the how-tos or entertainment of watching others play.

Well, trust Norway to take the idea of live computer play and take it to the next level. In June, a 12 hour live Slow TV of an interactive Norway world was shown on YouTube with a further transmission on NRK3.

Slow TV typically attracts an older demographic. Grabbing (and keeping) the attention of younger viewers is imperative, too. This is where an earlier 2016 broadcast from NRK hits the nail perfectly on the head, combining the marathan long-take dynamics of Slow TV and combining them with computer gameplay to do something dedicated for the 10-14 year old viewers. 

If you've ever played Minecraft, you'll know how easy it is to have "I'll just play for 20 minutes" turn into 3 hours later... It's an abosrbing world, where you can look at what you want, do what you want, play safe, play risky. Your own choice as to what you do. Think of the very long times in Slow TV where you're enabled to search the screen for what you're finding interesting and then amplify that manifold.

You don't need to understand Norwegian to understand the appeal, interaction and enjoyment of the broadcast - a few minutes of the high points beneath, lots more highlights on NRK Super.

6 2-hour episodes of Hele Norge Bygger, "Building All Norway" are available HERE. If you want some beautiful ambient music which often features on Minecraft (which is where we could go off another important tangent related to Slow TV), have a spin of this track, "Taswell" on Spotify. If it's your thing, there are hours of Minecraft music available by C418.

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