Sunday, 28 August 2016

Slow TV down on the Farm with NRK Fjos

DC the Cow getting excited as Slow TV
gives its totemic animal a dedicated platform

NRK in Norway is back with another Slow TV on Monday 29th August with #NRKFjos. It's not so much a Slow TV field day, but more of a barn day. Not even a day, but twelve days.

Starting at 10:00 Norwegian time on the last Monday of August, the transmission from four cameras in a barn (Fjos in Norwegian) in southern Norway will relay every bit of bovine action up to and including Friday 9th September with the four cameras able to be selected over the entire period.

The broadcast will be available to watch online at

If Slow TV had an animal of power, a totemic creature to represent its essence it would be the cow - so it'll be interesting to see what fun and games the cows may bring our way, as well as becoming a bit more educated about the life of a dairy farm.


I'm hoping to bring a more on NRKFjos on the blog over the second half of the broadcast period.

Starting on September 8th - Slow Down - a dedicated Slow TV and Slow Radio show. More information HERE.

Also broadcast on Monday 29th August - BBC4 in the UK at 20:00 BST with The Country Bus.

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