Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Skibladner - Paddle Steamer Slow TV

"Skibladner" is the name of a ship and as a Slow TV show, a week on and around the historic paddle steamer on the big lake Mjøsa not that far north from Oslo Gardermoen airport.

There is minute by minute broadcast daytime from 09.30 to 14.00 local time (08:30 to 13:00 BST), and an evening show as well as on radio, from Tuesday 12th July to Saturday 16th. More details about timings and the route (which includes several stops) in Norwegian HERE (if you don't know Norwegian, in Chrome, right click and set 'translate to...' whichever language is your default language.

You can watch live HERE during the transmission.

Lots of opportunities for interaction.An active Facebook page HERE for Skibladner and another for NRK Hedmark op Oppland, and Instagram feed for NRK Hedmark op Oppland HERE.

Hashtags to watch are #Skibladner, #MinuttForMinutt (Minute by Minute), and #NRKSommer.

There's already been a choir and lots of flag waving, and lots of following boats. A wide array of high quality camera angles of the scenery, people, the boat and the journey. It continues as a celebration of everyday activities and journeys. This will be Norwegian Slow TV as we know (and love) it.

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