Thursday, 5 May 2016

New to The Slow TV Blog? Have a look around...

Are you new to The Slow TV Blog? Here are a few things to have a look at, especially if you're viewing on a phone or device which removes the left hand menu.

The Slow TV Blog's purpose.

Click these links to explore what Slow TV is, what Slow TV is not and what Slow TV is also known as.

Click these links for a brief history of the term 'Slow TV' or list of Slow TV broadcasts.

Are you looking for an interview about Slow TVGet in touch via e-mail or look around various social media platforms for ways of getting in touch. If I have a signal, it should be easy! I have done a number of Radio and TV interviews around Slow TV; I have been interviewed on:

* BBC Radio Stoke, December 2014
* NRK2 in Norway, December 2014
* BBC Radio Merseyside, May 2015
* That's TV (Manchester), July 2015
* Strategies magazine (France), April 2016
* BBC Breakfast, April 2016
* BBC Radio Wales - Good Evening Wales, May 2016

See also

* Trailer for my documentary about Slow TV
* I presented about Slow TV at The Slow Media Symposium at Bath Spa University, March 2015

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