Friday, 29 April 2016

Is Slow TV coming to the Mid West?

Further UPDATE, April 2016...

Prerecorded web Slow TV has indeed arrived in the Mid West; FoodFarmsCSA now have a few videos available on their channel.


UPDATE on the story originally posted below on 17th December

Hear an interview on the Green Visions feature from KUMD Duluth Public Radio, Lisa Johnson talks with Janaki Fisher-Merrit of Food Farms - at this link here. Updated 21st January 2016.

You may have wondered "Will Norwegian Slow TV ever arrive in the USA? Even in the Mid West?" Well, a family run organic farm in Wrenshall, Minnesota is bringing "Food Farm Slow TV" to the web. 

A short taster clip on YouTube gives the suggestion that this is going to be a web based Slow TV of the type closer to 'Wallpaper TV' or 'Ambient TV' where small details change. It looks to be similar in spirit to the engaging web based Slow TV now broadcast online from the Czech Republic.

Watch the rotating potatoes and occasional darting green gloved hand with the ambient noise of the machinery feeding the produce along. What questions does this make you ask? What are the selection criteria? Where are the spuds coming from? What happens next? Enjoy the taters teasing you with their clip...

Coincidentally just this week Norwegians Worldwide shared on their advent calendar on Facebook that Minnesota has 851,000 Norwegians - the greatest number of Norwegians in any state in the USA.

Norwegian Slow TV has already been transmitted from the Mid West when the First Lutheran Church, the Luren Singing Society and Northern Lights choirs from Decorah, Iowa - just 279 miles drive south from Wrenshall - took part via satellite link in the marathon Hymn Book Slow TV broadcast from Trondheim in November 2014.

Ponderings on a TV broadcast in the USA in 2016 can be found here; and there's a BBC4 broadcast on Christmas Eve of reindeer pulling a sledge for two hours. More details here

Food Farm has an extensive blog worth looking at here, a Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter

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