Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Eve of the Slow Media Symposium

Having arrived in Corsham for the Slow Media Symposium, I took a quick recce so I would know exactly where to go in the morning. As I got closer across town using a few small alleys revealed on googlemaps the 'old world' feel of the town grew. 

Corsham High Street looking like a period drama film set, the funnelling down of the road to the car park in front of Corsham Court (an impressive scene peeping through the driveway arch, reminding me of Wayne Manor from Batman) and the church which has had a place of worship on the location for over 1,00 years. 

Tall trees with vibes of dryads about them, splashes of lime yellow from spring primroses. Peacocks perched in trees belting out their almost demonic feline yells and owls t-wit t-wooing. Crepuscular marvels as the shadows deepened and darkened minute by minute. All good omens for me. Here's to a day hearing about and reflecting on Slow Media.

As for the film set feel - it turns out that Corsham is one of the locations for the BBC's Poldark as I saw on a banner in front of the town hall as I got back on to the High Street.

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