Saturday, 15 November 2014

Slow TV - Fire as Therapy

This little cartoon speaks volumes of the peacefulness of looking at a fire for ages. I'm all for having a real wood fire, sat around with friends and family, enjoying its light and warmth, the slowly observable diminishing of a piece of wood into ash.

NRK broadcast a live transmission of a real fire burning over several hours in February 2013 - the Nasjonal Vedkveld, like an American channel broadcasts a loop of a burning fire for several hours each Christmas. Watching TV obviously is not the same as enjoying a real fire, but indeed, some of the aesthetic is communicated.

This time for making space, indeed, going slow, is good for the mind. Time takes on a different quality. It may sound a bit pyromaniac, but enjoying a fire is good medicine.

Thanks to Last Lemon - reproduced with permission.

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