Friday, 28 November 2014

Slow TV as Ambient TV

Ambient is the Word
One of the ways for understanding Slow TV can be as ambient TV- especially the landscape oriented broadcasts. Much like ambient music, one can have it on in the background to whatever mood or activity, come back to them - or consciously choose to immerse in to the picture. Salmeboka Minutt for Minutt may well be different in its effect as it's driven by human behaviour and human subject matter - 899 hymns, hundreds of choirs and thousands of people. Will people find it relaxing as other broadcasts? It will be interesting to see how it does affect the audience. I leave you with what I find a very immersive ambient view - the wonderful deep blue of the sky from a plane - which I enjoy with ambient music; on this occasion it was Jean Michel Jarre's long play 47 minute track of Waiting for Cousteau.

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