Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Purpose of this Slow TV Blog

This independent blog about Slow TV is here to bring together content related to Slow TV:

Press articles, broadcasts, podcasts, tribute videos or TV broadcasters as well as anyone interested in viewing or making their own Slow TV, Ambient TV or whatever one may like to call this genre. I want this blog to be the number one global resource for Slow TV news, reviews and pondering about Slow TV.

This blog will reflect on what it is that makes Slow TV, the different formats, alternative ways of framing our understanding of this format. Slow TV will become much better known so, understanding what Slow TV is and what it is not will enrich viewers' experience and expectations of Slow Television and inform popular perceptions of it.

Originally functioning as a hub for my Masters Degree documentary about Slow TV, "That damned Cow... Just what is Norwegian Slow TV?", The Slow TV Blog advocates Slow Television in all its forms and media about Slow TV.

Revised 29th April 2016

Slow Television -The Slow TV Blog

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