Monday, 13 October 2014

The Fireweed Seed of Fløyen - Ambient TV

One of the things Slow TV can make us do is, well, slow down. Take it easy. A lot of videos which could be Slow TV would be better described as Ambient TV. Floaty, aesthetic or vibey scenes with music or calming natural sounds to soothe. 

Caught on Mount Fløyen above Bergen in August, acres of rampant fireweed was discharging its seeds into the wind as an incoming weather front increased the speed of the air coming up the mountain. Several days of very dry weather made the seed dry - perfect for drifting off - sometimes easily, other times with mesmeric intense swirling.

This had a quality to it which invited watching - you could either stare and be aware of the big picture with your averted vision, or watch individual seeds and wonder where they could end up. Different backgrounds highlighted the seeds in different ways, the sun coming out or being obscured by clouds. All gave a brilliant ambient mood which was compelling to watch in a very chilled way.

While this has long moments of being real time, it is edited out of sequence, single camera. 

Select full screen and HD (or the best settings for whatever device you are watching on).

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