Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thames Ambience

This is a montage of long sequences which embody some principles of Slow TV though I would not describe it in itself as Slow TV. It started out as 40 minutes of footage taken over 90 minutes, edited down into just 13 minutes. Every shot has been included because it retains a same basic look but there are subtle changes going on. Different stories, different questions to ask of what you are looking at.

Music has been especially written by Mark Sheeky (his website here) to reflect the subjects shown. Should ambient music not be your cup of tea, pause the video, turn the volume down on the YouTube panel and find something on your device to play while you watch the image.

While it is not Slow TV it most certainly is Ambient TV with traits of Slow TV (hence the chosen music). As ambient music can accompany a range of activities or moods, Ambient TV could be accompanied by a range of music. Perhaps whatever works for the viewer.

Select full screen and HD (or the best settings for whatever device you are watching on).

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