Friday, 17 October 2014

Salmeboka Slow TV - Brochure now available

A brochure (in Norwegian) has just become available via the website of Norsk Salmebok. 

Translated by Google with a little assistance for a smoother read:

"In this booklet you will find information about the hymn book and TV coverage. Here you can read what the Prime Minister's favorite hymn is - and you can test yourself in a Psalm quiz.

NRK has had great success with their slow-TV broadcasts. Broadcasts such as Bergensbanen minute by minute and Hurtigruten minute by minute hit the audience in a way that few had thought beforehand.

Now it is the Psalm Book's turn for minute by minute. Within 60 hours from Friday 28 November. 12:00 to Sunday 30 November, approximately at. 23.56, all the hymns in Norwegian Hymnal 2013 will be sung in numerical order from 1 to 899. Nearly 200 choirs and soloists will help in the transmission, which runs on NRK2 and"

Visit the Norsk Salmebok Minutt for Minutt page here.

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