Sunday, 26 October 2014

Production Diary - 2nd London Visit - Part 2

Having dallied a very short while in Trafalgar Square (via a coffee break at the Nordic Bakery in Golden Square), giving my regards to the much diminished pigeon collective around Nelson's Column and the array of performance artists in front of the National Gallery, it was time to head to Chandos Place, just a short walk way away.

My documentary about Slow TV is following its journey from a 2009 regional production in NRK in Norway to becoming a global brand. I was delighted to be able to visit DRG - Digital Rights Group - which sells the Slow TV format around the world.

To be interviewed was Andrea Jackson, managing director of DRG Formats. In 2013 the media picked up that DRG had sold the rights for Slow TV in the USA to LMNO Productions where there is a project in development. That's as much as I can be told.

It will be very interesting to see how this project is delivered. One thing which we do know is that the CEO of LMNO, Eric Schotz said "We bought a format called Slow TV from Norway. And it was the most unique, dumbest, most ridiculous idea I've ever seen in my life. And I said, 'I have to have it." So, whatever happens will be unique and very new to a US audience.

Half an hour at DRG and that part of my filming was concluded. Warmly welcomed, it was time to depart and go fill up the time until the train back up north

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