Monday, 27 October 2014

Norsk Salmebok App for Smartphones

There is an app for the Hymn Book which should come in useful for the Salmebok Minutt for Minutt. At least if you can speak Norwegian. Nevertheless I will buy one month's use of the application to fit nicely with the NRK transmission from Trondheim.

The app is available from the relevant store for different devices with a monthly subscription fee, if I've understood it correctly. More to read on the official Salmebok website and even a YouTube tutorial on available features and how to use it.

I'm going to have stab at learning to pronounce some Norwegian so where hymns are to the same tune as English ones I know I can have a go at joining in. Will be interesting!

Here are a couple screen grabs from my phone to show what it looks like, at least as far as the front door. Once I've bought my access for a month I'll post a few more screenshots.

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