Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bergen in the Golden Hour

Having arrived in Bergen on the afternoon flight from Oslo, the stunning light made it imperative to get out to film the departing Hurtigruten ferry. With less than an hour to departure, we hastily made our way from our accommodation on Nedre Blekevei. That golden hour before sunset on days like this just screams 'take photos'; had we not been needing to see the ferry departure, there would have been more evening glow pictures of Bergen.

Had we missed the Hurtigruten sailing off into the sunset, the following evening was sketched in as a back up. The next day turned out to be damp and dull in the evening. We would not have had the intense colours. Some days indeed put off to tomorrow what you don't have to do today. Others, like this, it's grab the moment. Seize the day. Carpe diem.

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